Latent Semantic Analysis

2014.01.31   5:31PM   machine learning, numerical analysis, programming

Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA) is a document analysis technique that's based on a bag-of-words assumption. What does that mean? LSA is a way to take a set of written documents, and find...

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Google Trends Script

2013.09.23   11:37AM   programming

Recently I tried out GeekTool (a Mac version of Linux's Conky) and I am quite impressed! Right now I have scripts on my...

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LU Decomposition

2013.09.12   10:13AM   numerical analysis, programming

What is LU Decomposition? LU Decomposition is simply the process of factoring a matrix A into an upper triangular matrix U, and a lower triangular matrix L so that L×U = A. Ok, well, why should I care? Many engineering applications...

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